Best How to Go LIVE on YouTube with a Computer or Smartphone

And it gives you some options that’s a lot like the webcam option so you can enter in your title here you can make sure it’s set to public if you want people to see that one of the new features for the mobile live streaming is actually the ability to check into a location which will event or which will allow you to search on youtube around all the content around maybe a certain concert or a certain Convention Center and when you search by location your video would be tagged with that kind of interesting and you can also go more options and do some advanced settings if you want allowing chat age restriction anything like that so you can check all that but typically we leave it pretty basic and because it’s on the phone Tv3 Malaysia

And we’re usually not prepared for mobile live streams we don’t do too much with the description but really a best practice would be to maybe save your description info in an email or in a note on your phone and just copy paste that in because you do want to have a lot of good content in your description for us a lot of times we stream live mobile and then they just go back in on a desktop and fill out the description right after the live stream is over so then what you’re good to go you have everything entered just click Next and it’s gonna give you the option to take a thumbnail it’ll give you the countdown Boman you can use that thumbnail that you take right off your phone or you can also click this pen icon and you could retake the thumbnail

If you didn’t like the first version or you can also upload a thumbnail and what’s cool about that is maybe you’ve designed a thumbnail on Photoshop which is you know pretty important to do you can then just select that and upload that to have more of a pro phone thumbnail for when you go live and then once you have everything set up all you have to do is click go live and it will tell you to rotate back to landscape and now you’re streaming you’re able to communicate with your current subscribers as well as share whatever you want for a replay cuz that video will be archived on your channel as well for people to watch in the future now I think all