HOW OBS Tutorial Series

The discarded folder because it’s going out they don’t want you to use this anymore it’s blurry it doesn’t read a lot of fonts use text GDI for text and it will give you a pretty standard text editor and choose your font you can tell it to read from file in case you have an external program telling your likes long title or donation from color to gradient pretty handy editor the only thing that’s really missing I think unless I haven’t found it and it’s actually in here is text shadow it’s not in here everything else there you got a stroke color you can set to whatever you want you’ve got opacity for background alignment and wrapping you’ve got all that stuff about studio mode while not here so studio mode is this one on the right is live tvmelayu

And this one on the left is not you would use the left one to edit this scene but why would you do that well you would actually do it for editing a different scene generally speaking you can’t edit the same one to do it you would have to duplicate the scene though what I would want to do here like say I didn’t think this scene was good to go say it was my outro screen add that to it before I showed it off let’s transition over to it now now it’s ready and it’s got that on it so that’s really what studio motors for it’s forgiving a little bit of professionalism to you in the form of you’re not fumbling around with your stream live you know I’m not on this scene doing this like you didn’t see me type that live

And stuff i’ve got it ready off screen I prepared it okay well I was talking about it before but why would you add an entire scene into a scene well there’s a couple reasons why one good one is i’ve gone ahead and made a scene real quick here it’s nothing but a bar of my information my social network stuff so this scene could be extremely good to add to the other scene actually let’s go ahead and do that so it’s scene two there it is and this is definitely one you would want to lock because it is absolutely