The Basics of Church Tv3 Malaysia Live Streaming

And they’re not able to come to your church or they could be people that are looking for a church online and come across your live stream now I know what some of you church leaders out there are thinking but Seth if we put our services live online won’t people just stay home and watch at home online is that a possibility sure but is that a reason to not utilize the live streaming no in my experience this has not been an issue with churches that i’ve worked with we’re going to break up this basic streaming video into two categories equipment and service now remember this is just a basic overview of streaming Tv3 Malaysia

And I will be doing a more in-depth video on different aspects of live streaming soon so stay tuned for that so the first category is the equipment you might be thinking to yourself what in the world do I need to get started streaming our church only has a mixer and a CD duplicator and a box of offering envelopes in our media booth in the corner I got nothing so here’s the most basic equipment that you need to get started streaming number one is a camera this is the most important part of streaming because without a camera you have no video I have been blown away at

The quality of cameras recently the camera that I’m filming on right now is bought used on ebay for about twelve hundred bucks you can get a camera for basic live streaming for anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars all the way up to two thousand dollars I’m going to put some links in the description below for a good better best scenario for inexpensive cameras so make sure to check that out after